1. NinjaRAT's Avatar
    since upgrading to the new Bold and Torch i'm unable to get DM Music Sync to recognize the media card. available space is showing the internal storage (4gb on my 9850 and 8gb on my 9930).

    at first i thought it might have been the new 32gb card i just purchased, but after trying both devices and also a 16gb card, i realized its not even seeing the card. last time i sync'd music was with my 9550, and a 16gb card, but with these new devices, nada.

    media card support is enabled, and have no problem seeing the card using just win7 or WMP...not to mention, the device sees the card in all its 29 GBs. i've tried reformatting the card, and selecting media sync when connecting the device. i also have the latest install with desktop manager (no updates when i have it check for updates). am i missing a setting somewhere?

    oh, and i am on BES5.0.3, but haven't set any IT Policy settings having to do with media card access (though i should create a blank policy and give that a try).
    11-17-11 04:57 AM
  2. NinjaRAT's Avatar
    Disregard...I forgot to select my media card when connecting the device for the first time. Duh!
    11-21-11 02:15 PM