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    Hey everyone,

    I've got an odd problem. I've got a curve that I sync to Outlook (cal, tasks, addressbook, memos, not using BES or anything fancy like that). I actually sync it at home and at work. At work there's some filters setup in each app to keep personal stuff out of there, and they work well, no complaints.

    However, at home, I've just got each app set to two way sync everything, even with the confirmation screen to come up to confirm all changes. During the sync, new tasks from the device get created in Outlook, deleted ones from the device get deleted, just like they ought to and that's fine.

    However, when I open Outlook and look at my task list. like half of them have old due dates that don't match the device. Looks like they haven't updated. Checked the field mapping and all seems to be cool. Some tasks are fine, some have issues.

    Anyone else ever see this? Thanks!
    09-01-09 07:36 AM
  2. fatnecks's Avatar
    Nice grammar in the title.... Sorry, I was multi-tasking, and apparently not very well.....
    09-01-09 07:37 AM
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    I recently started having what seems like a similar problem. I'm not at home to check DM version but it's at least OS5. I have a BB Storm 1.

    My calendar items sync both ways but my tasks do not hit my BB Storm. Ok, let me rephrase that - I cannot see the upcoming tasks, my e-Mobil Today used to show a list of upcoming tasks and used to work fine. I synced again tonight twice before I came to work, deleting and resetting all my tasks in Outlook prior to the sync operation. After sync and even a reboot no tasks are visible on my BB.

    Just now one of my task reminders sounded and the task popped up on the screen. I hit the completed option and that one completed task is now visible in the list where all the tasks should be whether they are upcoming or completed or anything in between. None of the upcoming tasks show up and the "task counter" shows zero.

    For some reason after months of working fine, the sync seems to have decided to get a mind of its own.

    Someone in another thread mentioned checking to see if the tasks were set to be hidden, but I cannot find that option anywhere on my BB so I haven't been able to check this. Anyone know where I might find this option or have any ideas or suggestions for this problem? Thanks!
    01-25-10 01:21 AM