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    I've never had a problem syncing my BBs to DM, need to for outlook/calendar/contacts. The latest version of DM that I had was 4.6 and it synced fine with my Tour and Storm 2. Last night I tried to sync and it rebooted my phone and said it was unable to connect, after it did read the phone (showed the PIN at the bottom of the DM screen). I tried several times and each time it would reboot my Tour. I downloaded the latest version of DM and it did the same thing.

    My Tour runs the OS 5 .238, have never had an issue with it, actually runs great.

    Thanks in advance for any help!

    Update: I tried to connect without the DM running/ready and my Tour still rebooted when just connected to my pc (vista). It connected for a little while and then rebooted?
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