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    Well, since I'm a new BlackBerry user ( switched my old HTC Touch Pro for a Bold 9700 ), I'm a bit confused with the DM, I've updated GTalk, WLM and BBM over my device using the Application Center & BB App World. now every time when I try to install any apps using the DM, it will either try to remove those 3 apps ( if I let them unchecked ) or downgrade them if they are checked. Now the question is, is there any way to ignore those changes, or to update DM so it doesn't try to downgrade or remove those apps, it's really frustrating.... Can anyone help???? PLEASEEEEEEEEE


    EDIT :
    DM version
    BB 9700 v5.0.0.344

    App versions on 9700 :
    Gtalk 2.5.30
    WLM 2.5.30

    App versions offered by DM :
    BBM - downgrade to 4.7.0 or remove
    Gtalk - downgrade to 2.5.27 or remove
    WLM - downgrade to 2.5.27 or remove
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    raven, if you go to help and about blackberry desktop manager. what version do you have??? have you tried disconnecting from the internet when you add and remove apps.?
    01-18-10 03:35 PM
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    In help ( about ) it gives me version for DM, I've tried ( If I remember correctly, that version was supplied on the disc that came with my Bold ), but had the same problem, so I've upgraded it to v

    Tried to completly turn off the GSM module, same result
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    thanks, do you have internet on the computer?? i was referring to the desktops internet?
    01-18-10 03:53 PM
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    Thanks you're a genius, just tried it, now it didn't try to remove or downgrade, what's the catch?
    I mean, OK, but isn't that a bit stupid, now I'll have to disconnect my desktop from the Internet every time when I try to load some new apps?
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    no not necessarly. when you go into the app loader desktop manager attempts to connect to the server. if your a windows user sometimes your firewall will pop up and ask permission if you deny the persmission and select deny always it wont attempt to update/downgrade the apps. your welcome cheers.
    01-18-10 04:12 PM