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    Getting really f**king frustrated with Desktop Manager.
    It only decides to connect to my phone once for every 15 times it is plugged into the computer.
    So I started to do the update and the damn thing said my phone disconnected (the passcode lock came up). So I turned that off and now it will not connect.
    Telus still does not have the update on their website so I cannot download it from there so I will have to wait until tomorrow to do the update. If I am lucky desktop manager will connect to my phone then.

    So I did a battery pull and desktop manager picked up my phone again (this time with passcode lock OFF). It started to do the update until it got to backing up social feeds when it said that my phone disconnected... IT DIDN'T.
    So I am very frustrated... Anyone have any advice to offer here???

    The update available is:

    Edit: I am using a mac but the same things happens on my windows pc as well. I just uninstalled/re-installed DM... And it is not detecting my phone at all. Going to try another batter pull and see what happens...

    Edit 2: So a fresh install of DM and a battery pull of the phone let DM connect to the phone but again once it got to social feeds it said the phone disconnected.

    Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo... Where do I go from here???
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