02-09-10 07:30 PM
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  1. Monster821's Avatar
    Beginning today, DM 5.0.1 freezes whenever it gets to the "Reading Yahoo! Address Book" during the synchronization phase. This same complaint can be found in the BB Forum at RIM forums. More hits with this problem seem to be posted with in the last 24 hours. Does anybody know what's going on? I can't hook up my BB at all w/o the software freezing during the synch process. Suggestions?
    11-11-09 06:20 PM
  2. SAC-CA-GTI's Avatar
    Mine does the exact same thing. It's really annoying as I want to merge some stuff and do a backup. UGH! I'm sure we're not the only ones with this problem. Maybe BB will come out with another update to fix this? I knew I should've just kept the other version. No issues, so why upgrade.
    11-11-09 08:03 PM
  3. Foompty's Avatar
    That same problem happened while I was still using 4.7. Upgrading to 5.0.1 didn't help. Downgrading to 4.6 didn't help. It seems it's a problem with the address book only, and must be a new Yahoo glitch. Many people with the same problems at the BB Forums.

    I succeeded in synching everything except the address book by deselecting it in the synch options. It seems the address book is what's causing the hang.
    11-12-09 11:10 AM
  4. limeyjohnny's Avatar
    I thouhgt I was the only one having the problems...this is a real PITA. Has anyone contacted Yahoo? In meantime I am going to not select the adress book in the synch set up
    11-12-09 05:31 PM
  5. dallastxco's Avatar
    I'm gonna go take a look at android phones while this gets resolved.....
    11-13-09 09:33 AM
  6. joelquan's Avatar
    I have tried with a DM V4.6 and V5.0 with the same results. Memo, Tasks and Calendar sync fine. This has been going on for about a week now. I thought it might have been a bad special character in an address field but can't isolate with over 1000 contacts.
    11-13-09 07:38 PM
  7. 2dougmac's Avatar
    Yahoo "updated" their site on 11-11-09; coincidence? They also added a feature to sync their Notebook and Calendar feature (not Contact/Address list, though) with Outlook, Outlook Express and Palm Desktop.

    Before this, BBDM flew through the sync process.

    Now things seem to make a bit more sense for me, but still no solution.
    11-14-09 08:39 PM
  8. 2dougmac's Avatar
    For now, thank goodness, the sync with Yahoo worked. The interface looks different than previously, giving you more options on which and what to sync (Yahoo only, device, both, ignore, etc.) but I'll take it.

    I don't have any updates on my device, Desktop Manager (still with 4.6; tried 5.0 but don't care for it's wanting to index and grab media from my computer) so I think the change is on Yahoo's end. Just glad that it has made an update from all of the old information that I had on Palm Desktop.
    11-18-09 06:09 PM
  9. pugey_pete's Avatar
    The syncing for the address book is working fine for me but the DM is skipping right over syncing the Yahoo calendar with my BB calendar... any ideas?


    11-19-09 02:12 PM
  10. joelquan's Avatar
    Calendar: Are your Synchronization settings set properly?
    Address: It's starting to at least read the Yahoo address book but I'm still terminating at record 450 of 1300. I think I may have a bad special character in the address.
    11-19-09 07:05 PM
  11. pugey_pete's Avatar
    Yeah, I've set, reset, and set again everything. I've even deleted the calendar through the back-up feature and reloaded it. I saw the fix for the calendar on the bb.com website but because I'm on a work computer, I'm not able to get in and make the changes that it recomends, for some reason. Would reloading the DTM help or should I just downgrade?


    11-20-09 08:21 AM
  12. joelquan's Avatar
    I'm somewhat of a newbie myself and have not experienced what you are describing so bear with me. Go to the Options drop down menu in DM and select the "Data folder options". Note the folder where the DM is sticking a bunch of stuff. It will probably be something like ....\Application Data\Research In Motion\Blackberry\. In this folder you'll find an Intellisync folder and then a folder under that with your BB pin number. Go to this folder and you should find a file RIM.Log which you can open with Notepad. It will give you some insight as to what's going on during the sync process. If you want to keep a trail of what's going on, be sure to copy the RIM.Log file as it is overwritten each time you sync.
    11-20-09 10:20 AM
  13. joelquan's Avatar
    I'm not sure who or what the culprit is but in my Yahoo Address book apostrophes were converted to "'" and ampersand signs were converted to "&amp". If these are in the first or last name fields, the syncing blows up. The window message showing the status of the syncing will give you a record count as to where it blows up at. You can then export your Yahoo Address book to a CSV file and open it in a spreadsheet. Then you can scroll down to the approximate record location and hunt around for the culprit.
    I am now syncing with the Address Book, Calendar and Memo pieces of Yahoo. Yeah!
    It does seem to be a bit slower than prior to the recent Yahoo changes which caused this thread.
    Oh, I'm running DM V5.0.1.
    11-20-09 01:40 PM
  14. Monster821's Avatar
    Again, having problems with Yahoo Address Book... Has anybody heard anything?
    01-21-10 09:54 AM
  15. joelquan's Avatar
    Ditto on the problem. Been looking but haven't seen anything. Calendar works fine so at least that can be synced. Symptom I am receiving now on the Address book is after it reads the bb contacts, it then tries to go out to Yahoo and hangs.
    Anyone know who/where to contact Yahoo when this happens?
    01-21-10 10:08 AM
  16. RGwhittenbu's Avatar
    Having the exact same problem.

    Reads device address book fine, then starts reading Yahoo's address book and freezes.

    My error log shows nothing.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    On 1/21/2010 10:53 AM
    Synchronize Device Address Book with Yahoo! Contacts

    First System: Device
    Second System: Yahoo!
    Conflict Resolution: Notify

    Input From First System:

    Total Inputs From First System: 0
    01-21-10 11:00 AM
  17. pugey_pete's Avatar
    I tried the fix that was linked to and couldn't get it to work... so it is still not syncing between the two, just getting the address/contacts updated and stopping.

    Any other ideas out there?
    01-22-10 08:13 AM
  18. 2dougmac's Avatar
    Ok, Yahoo is hanging again on the Address book. Windows Task Manager indicates that Desktop Manager is 'running', but there's not a darn thing happening once it hangs.

    Yahoo sent an email after my query, directing me to the Blackberry site, which was a link for the Desktop Manager. No other explanation given, but it seems more like a finger-pointing exercise than a true solution.

    It resolved itself back in Nov. without my intervention, after Yahoo updated their mail program; I'm hoping that it does the same this time. But that isn't very satisfactory, hoping as opposed to knowing a true solution.
    01-26-10 09:58 PM
  19. eagle64's Avatar
    I received the following from Yahoo on the issue:

    "Thank you for writing to Yahoo! Mobile Tech Support.

    I understand that you are unable to synchronize your calendar and
    address book on your BlackBerry device.

    I'm sorry to say that this feature is not currently supported,
    although we hope to have this functionality available to you in the

    Yahoo! and RIM Blackberry are currently working on a resolution to
    synchronize your Calendar and address book to your Blackberry and
    although we don't have an ETA on the resolution, we'll be sure to let
    you know when the option becomes available.

    However, you may be able to find what you are looking for on the
    BlackBerry website in synchronizing address book:

    BlackBerry - Mobile Software - PDA Downloads & PDA Software at BlackBerry.com

    They have a desktop suite which provides an address book synchronization
    which may be able to import your Yahoo! contacts.

    I hope that helps and I'm sorry we don't have a solution for what you
    are looking for right now."

    Appears Yahoo is not claiming responsibility and refers to BB for possible support. I searched BB's website but with no success.
    01-31-10 09:45 PM
  20. konsx's Avatar
    thankd you crackberry!!! I was wondering what the **** was going on. backup worked fine, but the yahoo sync doesn't.
    01-31-10 11:42 PM
  21. scott750's Avatar
    So what is everyone doing about syncing their contacts/calendar? Google sync with a gmail account? Is there a way to just save the contacts to my computer instead of online suncing?

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    02-01-10 04:10 PM
  22. scott750's Avatar
    02-02-10 03:26 PM
  23. Rigs49's Avatar
    I guess try sync with outlook instead of yahoo.
    02-03-10 11:01 AM
  24. 2dougmac's Avatar
    To scott750: I am not sure if you can use the "Backup and Restore" feature in the Desktop Manager (I'm running version 4.6, only because I don't want it to scan my computer for music, etc.) and possibly use the "Advanced" feature within it to change data. I don't know, because I haven't tried this.

    I was relying on Yahoo to do this, although I'd prefer my backup to be on the computer and not on someone's server, because I don't have Outlook on my computer.

    If Yahoo doesn't work in the near future, using Backup and Restore might be my solution (or at least an experiment).
    02-03-10 06:28 PM
  25. scott750's Avatar
    I switched DM to sync with Microsoft Outlook, I am currently using Windows Live Mail with Win 7, and it added/changed a bunch of my contacts but I ended up with a bunch of duplicates and some bogus email address became new contacts that I may have only emailed like once. I think it found my email contacts on the computer and added them.
    02-03-10 10:23 PM
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