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    I've posted on this before and gotten no response. I'm syncing my 8330 Curve to Outlook through the DM software. It's set to do a two way sync on all the principal apps, notifying me with the changes.

    I connect the BB, do the sync. It brings up some changes, I look through them and OK them. Then I run another sync and sometimes it'll find some changes. After messing around, I've found that going to the sync setup screen and clicking on the Map Folder button to "confirm" where I want to sync to will often greatly increase the number of changes that it picks up. Sometimes after doing this, I'll pick up things that I changed several days (and sync's) ago that apparently weren't updated before.

    Anyone else ever see this? Suggestions? All software is up to date.

    Thanks in advance!
    11-09-09 09:14 PM