1. skyman.2112's Avatar
    I installed BB DM 5.0 with Roxio Media Manager to my Vista desktop. The installation went well but I started having problem with my internet connection. It will work for a while after i start DM but then my internet connection goes dead . Especially if i launch a new Browser. Then Vista hangs when i try to shut it down so i can reboot.

    Also, when windows starting up, the internet connection icon on the bottom right has big red X on it for probably 2-3 minutes before it turns into the usual connected sign (with blue colored dot on it). But I can still connect to websites and Windows Live Messenger while the icon has big red X on it.

    I have removed the DM 5.0 from my Vista and internet connection does not keep disconnecting anymore and the internet connection icon goes blue (not red X) right away after Windows start up. My question is, does anyone else has same disconnecting internet issue with DM on their Vista? What do I need to do to keep DM 5.0 but fix the disconnecting internet issue?
    10-31-09 12:37 PM