1. Alex Iordanescu's Avatar
    hy. I have a bb curve 8320 and i have docs to go on it. i first instaled v1 (trough bb desktop manager) and then i updated it to v2 via my bb internet connection. the problem is that every time i connect my device to desktop manager, when trying to install something it automatically downgrades my version from the bb back to v1. how do i get it to stop doing this.

    I have OS v4.5.174
    and desktop manager v5.0.1

    11-27-09 04:34 AM
  2. jbeachy's Avatar
    Yes, a well-documented issue with D2G. Solution: Uninstall the OS from the PC. No need to delete the downloaded file, just uninstall from Control Panel.
    Make sure you keep your DataViz reg code, 'cause if you need to reinstall or upgrade the OS, the same thing will happen and you will need to install again.

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    11-27-09 09:12 AM