1. miamoa's Avatar
    I desperately need help .

    Does the version DM 6.0.?. make backups just by plugging in the phone?

    Yesterday I wrote handheld key sth. 10 times wrong, so my phone did the wiping. All gone - contacts and very precious SMS's and MMS's. I understand there is no way getting that back unless I have a backup made. So here comes my question.

    A month ago I installed DM on my computer for certificate transfer reason. After transfer I uninstalled DM. Is it possible that backup was made that time? I checked my comp and there is a folder Blackberry/Backup made, but it is empty. So I searched ipd. files, still no luck.
    I'm asking that because I installed DM again today and backup was made just by plugging in my phone. If backup was made a month ago, is there any way to get that back (although DM uninstalled)?

    Help and possible solution would be much appreciated.
    08-18-11 02:46 AM
  2. paso971's Avatar
    A back-up is made only if you choose to do it, there is an auto back-up feature on the DM but you need to allow it.
    And no you can't have a back-up back if DM is uninstalled.

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    08-18-11 08:23 AM
  3. Fubaz's Avatar
    search your pc for *.ipd

    if you didnt do a back up, it didnt do a back up for you.

    You have to set it to automatic, and then remember to plug it in.
    if you had BB Protect installed you could get your info back that way
    08-18-11 09:03 AM