1. dile12's Avatar
    I'm verry sorry to say it but ... RIM done it again ! After the disaster of the last DM ... here we are again ... this version don't freeze like the old one but ... it takes around 15 minutes to sync !!!! And I sync every morning !!! I come back to the old good 6.1 that makes the work in around 1 minute ... sigh .. RIM , I'm very upset and I really start to think that you are dead ... if you're not able to make a simple sync program ... no way I'll move to the new BB10 ... I'll be sorry but I'll move to Apple ... sigh ...
    06-09-12 11:47 AM
  2. kbz1960's Avatar
    Sorry. I don't sync, just copy and paste what I want. Have you tried 7.1 from the beta zone?
    06-09-12 12:41 PM