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    I was running Ascendo DataVault on a previous BB device and synching DataVault with DM 6 on such previous BB device.

    I purchased a new BB device and went to do a clean load of the new BB device using DM 6. Knowning what a P.O.S. DM 6 is, I started by doing a clean uninstall of the existing DM 6, including removing the registry keys, clearing all caches and rebooting from a full power down of the desktop machine. I then set about loading the new BB device by synching calendar and addresses using the cleanly installed DM 6, (the latest version downloaded from the BB site).

    Now I am attempting to install Ascendo DataVault on the new BB device, but DM 6, despite the three clean installs described above, has Ascendo DataVault listed as an "add-in" application on the DM 6 "Add-In" screen even though I have not yet loaded DataVault as an add-in in the fresh DM 6 install.

    DM 6 has somehow managed to hang onto the add-in list as an artifact from the previous DM 6 used with my previous BB device, despite the three clean installs of DM 6 described above!!

    There appears to be no way to remove an add-in from DM 6 and when I tried to add DataVault as a new application, DM 6 rejects it saying the application already exists in DM 6, which it does not. For clarification, at this time DataVault is not installed on my new BB device and never has been. I am trying to load DataVault onto my new BB device, but I cannot get past DM 6's refusual to recognize that DataVault has not been installed as an add-in in the fresh clean install of DM 6.

    I am very reluctant to do another removal and clean install of DM 6 since the three previous clean removals did not remove the DataVault add-in artifact and since I now have the new BB device loaded with calendar and contacts that are paired with this install of DM 6.

    RIM's KB is predictably lacking in providing any useful knowledge on the issue.

    Thoughts on how to get DM 6 to let me remove the artifact DataVault add-in phantom marker, so I can load DataVault for real into DM 6 and get DataVault loaded onto my new BB device?

    UPDATE: I found one way to remove the artifact DataVault application "add-in" from DM 6, I completely removed the entire DataVault application from my PC, a typical and wholly impractical solution, courtsey of the incompetency of RIM's software development, AGAIN! HOWEVER, once I re-installed the DataVault application on my PC and attempted to add the newly installed DataVault applicaiton as an add-in in DM 6, DM 6 reverted back to the same sorry state as described in my post above. In other words, no progress whatsoever despite completely removing the DataVault application from my PC. So I am still seeking assistance in how to get DataVault installed on my new replacement BB device.
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