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    Hello Crackberry experts!

    I am relatively new to Blackberry world, bought a like-new Bold 9000 a month ago on Ebay and now using it with BIS in the Caribbean ....

    So far I like BB very much, and being quite computer literate I already experimented around ... did OS upgrade to 5.0.1 and the newest one from AT&T, played around with Desktop manager, backed up, restored, wiped, removed IT restrictions, reset to factory, removed lots of junk, got to know BBSAK, Crackmem, and S-A-OS.

    Now I am looking into Hybrids...long story short, I would like to use BBSAK to completely wipe and scrub the device (or format, in other words) and load into it a Hybrid OS.

    I read here on CrackBerry that I need DM v6 to use with BBSAK.
    "You must have Desktop Manager 6 installed on your computer; without it, BBSAK will not work. "

    I did have a DM 5 version, which worked fine with my Bold 9000. Today I upgraded to DM v6, and here comes the problem.

    DM 6 does not recognize my Bold 9000. It says "Connect the Device" on the main screen, when I connect via USB nothing happens. I uninstalled DM 6 (the upgraded DM5 to DM6) and did clean install of DM6. Same problem, does no recognize Bold 9000. I reverted back to DM5, that one does recognize my Bold 9000 indeed. Uninstalled DM5 and installed DM 6, and again, does not recognize Bold 9000.

    What can be the reason for this? I am starting to think DM v6 does only work with OS6 devices, my B9000 is OS5. Is that the reason DM6 is not recognizing my B9000? Do I need to stick with DM v5? Can I use DM v 5 with BBSAK? I tried searches on several forums but could not get straight answers to this.

    Thanks to you all who reply and give advice.
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    ... I am starting to think DM v6 does only work with OS6 devices, my B9000 is OS5...
    Your supposition is not correct. I have used Desktop Manager with my BlackBerry 8830 that is running OS 4.5. Unfortunately I can't help you with BBSAK.
    03-28-11 05:55 AM