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    In the older versions of DM when you clicked on the application folder it would bring up a list of "all" apps on the phone with different options etc. In the new version it only list apps that you have downloaded etc. It does not show the entire list of apps or programs that are on the device nor does it, at least I haven't found a way, allow you to search the device or select different folders where those native apps might be.

    My question is how do you load an app such as bbmaps through desktop manager or any app for that matter? Take the bbmaps app for example, you can download the bbmaps app but it only sends the lbs ribbon and not the entire app to your phone. How would you re-load something like that onto your device through DM?

    Seems to me that DM6 has fewer options than the older versions.
    01-22-11 12:28 PM