1. skibuz's Avatar
    I just upgraded to Desktop Manager Under applications it tells me I need to update to BB 5.0.0 Core Applications 35.2mb. The storage status bar tells me I have Exceeded available space by 0 Bytes and have 124.5 MB App. storage available. When I click the Apply button, nothing happens. The last time I had this happen I went to BB.com and searched for updates. I was able to update just fine from blackberry.com the new OS. When I did that today, it said my phone was up to date.
    If I try to wipe 35.2mb off my current apps, I would have nothing left. Is BB 5.0.0 Core Applications an important update?
    Is there any other way than DM to install it?
    Thanks in advance!
    05-09-11 04:25 PM