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    updated on my DM today. Didn't see any blogs or threads on it.
    09-09-10 10:41 AM
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    Apparently RIM tweaked a number of things.

    This lists issues that have been fixed or closed from BlackBerry Desktop Software 6.0.0 bundle 42 to bundle 47

    DT 746952 The BlackBerry Desktop Software might have allowed insecure library loading under certain circumstances. For complete details, see KB24242.

    Bluetooth Connection
    DT 758189 The Tools > Add a Bluetooth device menu option was dimmed when you are already connected to the BlackBerry Desktop Software with a Bluetooth device.

    DT 805159 You could not configure your email account with the BlackBerry Desktop Software and Microsoft Outlook 2002.

    Mobile Internet
    DT 796742 You could not type a user name and password for an existing profile that allows this information.

    DT 774101 When you synchronized Windows Media Player playlists using BlackBerry Desktop Software 6.0, playlists that you previously synced using BlackBerry Media Sync 2.0 might have been duplicated on your device. Playlists that you synced using BlackBerry Media Sync 2.0 did also not appear selected when you sync using BlackBerry Desktop Software 6.0.

    DT 767058 In some cases, when you attempted to sync video files over 1.5 gigabytes in size, the sync was not completed.

    DT 747783 If you disconnected your device after clicking Sync All, the synchronization didn't stop immediately and it eventually failed with the following message: Some files were not synced.

    DT 728916 If the size of the BlackBerry Desktop Software screen had been minimized, you could not select the last item in the video or music lists.

    DT 758713 In the Music view, the text was cut off in the bottom of the screen when music wasn't selected.

    DT 758120 If an error occurred when synchronizing your iTunes music and importing album art, the text for the error link
    was cut off.

    DT 734936 The Random music option was turned on again, if you had already synchronized with the random music option on and then turned it off.

    DT 734852 You received an error after synchronizing your music for the first time.

    DT 730851 You received an error when you connected a second device to the BlackBerry Desktop Software while synchronizing music with another device.

    DT 695091 If you created a playlist in iTunes and a playlist in Windows Media Player with the same name, and if you changed one of the playlists to contain different songs, that playlist might have been renamed.

    DT 716237 BlackBerry Desktop Software crashes after adding a picture folder with a long name (256 characters).

    DT 733547 At times, videos with a supported status failed to sync.

    DT 728733 WMV video was transcoded with audio and video out of sync.

    DT 711671 Sometimes, when the BlackBerry Desktop Software is installed on Vista, it crashed when transcoding a certain group of avi files at the same time.

    Wi-Fi music sync
    DT 765869 When the Wi-Fi state is on, the BlackBerry Desktop Software minimized to the system tray without notifying you.

    DT 710017 In the Turkish version, the translated text for "<storage amount> after sync" was incorrect.

    DT 709850 In some languages, {0} Pictures was not translated correctly in the Device Pictures screen.
    09-09-10 01:35 PM
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    Fixed my freaking sync issue.
    09-09-10 02:01 PM
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    Still no redirector...Booo RIM !

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    09-09-10 02:36 PM
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    It allows a Bluetooth connnection between my HP 8510p notebook and 9100
    09-09-10 04:38 PM
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    with dm5.0, when one clicked on device properties a status update was received to include a real time charging update. whenever you reentered this area, a current status was available. with the newest dm, one must completely exit , then reenter the dm in order to get an updated device status. cumbersome and annoying!

    too, the link to the device manual is gone with the newest dm. not big but...annoying!
    09-24-10 06:16 PM