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    Here's my dilema. I had cdk 4.6 installed, when the update for the Tour (themes)became avail. I uninstalled 4.6, installed 4.7 >restarted>installed update>restarted. Built a theme, i was already running 5.0 DM that worked fine, because i transferred all my "stuff" from my V curve, to the Tour, and now DM will always show "Disconnected" Now, i reinstalled 5.0, always check to make sure the PIN shows my number, but even when i change it to my pin, it never "talks" to DM. i unplug my cord, battery pull the Tour, but all that i do, it will not "talk to each other" All that happens is for a brief moment, my Tour will tell me it is "going into bedside mode" and this only happens when i have DM open and plug in the Tour..
    Can someone help?! I am going nuts here...
    08-13-09 06:48 PM