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    Please help as i use my phone to tether and i really need the internet for my business stuff.

    I have windows vista running. My phone is bold 9000 running

    I wanted to check for updates for my phone os so i plugged it in and used my wife's phone to tether since i cant update phone with an active modem connection via BB. I plugged in my bb and started DM and it tells me that there is an update for visual voice mail and asked if i wanted to update it. I said yes and then it tells me that i need to update my DM. Of course i said yes. It tells me i need to close DM and even IE. I did that. Plugged it in and started DM after update and now it wont connect. I did battery pull on phone. Nothing

    I then restarted my pc. Still nothing. My pc recognizes the phone connecting but DM doesnt. I tried sytem restore for my pc and that doesnt work.

    I did some reading and saw that i actually need to install the phone's os on my pc but i cant seem to find it anywhere. Blackberry's list of os's do not include any of the 5.0

    I am really really frustrated by now because i should be working but instead i am doing this.

    I did find the dm version 4.7.

    I also un installed and reinstalled DM then restarted pc. Still nothing

    So what is my best option? I did look at other post but none are quite the same as my problem. Ive checked all my firewalls. It seems like ive everything i can think of. Please help! Thanks
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