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    I ran a search but couldn't find answers. Hoping someone can help me out. Here is what I have.

    BB Storm 2, running OS v5.0.0.607
    Desktop Manager 5.0.1
    Outlook 2007

    Shortly after I got the Storm 2, I upgraded the OS to (702 I think) and the DM to 6.0. Hated both and down graded back to 607 and 5.0.1.

    I'm having a couple sync issues though and can't figure out how to fix them.

    #1 Email Reconcile. I get emails to both my desk top and black berry. But I can't get them to reconcile. DM grays out the Reconcile Email Messages box and it won't let me set up any email sync option. How do I fix this.

    #2 Multiple calendar entries. This is the MOST FRUSTRATING issue. When I make a calendar entry in Outlook 2007 then sync my BB, I get a double entry on the BB only every time. One is for my email address and the other is for "default". I've gone into the Options/Advanced/Default Services and have both the Calendar (CICAL) and Messaging (CMIME) both set to the same email address, the only email address I use on the phone. Outlook 2007 only shows a single entry, but the BBB double entries them both. But if I enter a new appointment in the Calendar using my BB, I only get one entry in the BBB and Outlook also only shows one entry. The double entries are very frustrating. What needs to change?
    12-07-10 09:05 AM
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    OK ... so I figured out the calendar double entry thing. Basically, to fix it, I wiped out the entire calendar in the BB using Desk Top Manager. Then re-synced it. That fixed the double entry in the calendar.

    Any thoughts on the email issue?
    12-07-10 11:03 AM