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    hi is there a way i can disable my password lock from the desktop?

    the reason is my phone is no longer responsive to any buttons or screen being touched, but it does power on, load up and ring when called. my baby son salivated all over the phone rendering it useless. i took it apart and tried drying it for several days but didnt help.

    the phone has a password lock set by me and not part of it policy bes.
    i cannot back it up because usually during this process i have to enter the password on desktop and also on berry. unfortunately i cannot enter it on berry so this process just hangs waiting for an input when it gets to this part.

    i tried to transfer one device to another but same problem because i am unable to enter the password on the phone.

    is there anyway i can wipe my password from my phone from the desktop? thanks
    03-27-10 02:55 PM
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    Unfortunately the only way to turn off the password is to first enter it using the phone's keypad. There are no back doors to RIM's password security.
    03-27-10 03:10 PM
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    thanks for the reply,
    ive just picked up my new replacement a 9700 bold.

    is there anyway possible that i can transfer my contacts from my unusable storm to my new device? or any way i can back it up just by entering the password on desktop and not needing to also enter in on to the phone? a backup program of any sort? since i am unable to remove the lock.

    i tried taking the screen off of another storm to replace mine but it didnt work maybe different screen versions.

    my only backup of my storm is about 1.5 years old so it is really out dated.

    also when i try to go into backup-restore/advanced on desktop manager i can see that my device is read, but i am unable to save or transfer with out entering password on the device. is there a way i can extract this info off of my computer? its temporarily stored somewhere im assuming. possibly the same way you would save ur third party apps, but instead saving my contacts?

    is there a way i can also transfer my old pin onto my new device so i can use the same pin?

    thanks for any help or advice
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    04-02-10 04:03 PM
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    I locked my Tour and pretended the keyboard was unusable.
    I plugged the phone into my USB port.
    I ignored the prompt to enter a password.
    I ran Desktop Manager and entered the password there when prompted.
    I then launched the Backup and Restore Wizard and started a backup.
    The "transfer in progress" screen came up, but the transfer did not start until I entered the password on the BlackBerry.

    Given that, I conclude that even if you know the password and can enter it on the PC, it is still impossible to create a backup without also entering the password on the BlackBerry. I don't think you are going to be able to recover.
    04-02-10 09:12 PM