1. rcbjr2's Avatar
    I am trying to import my Palm data into my new BB Tour. I have Palm Desktop 4.1.4 and Hotsync 6.0.1 as the BB Desktop software recommends (requires?). When I run device switch wizard, the dialogs come in what I think is German?? The caption on the dialog is "Selamat datang di Migration Wizard". Why is this?? What is this?? The Next and Cancel buttons are in English. When I click Next, I get a dialog with "Pilih PIM" at the top, which I assume means "Select PIM". However, both options are grayed out (the one for Palm and the one for Windows Mobile). So, two questions: How do I get rid of the foreign language in the dialogs and how do I get the switch wizard to recognize that I have the Palm Software installed? Thx. -Rich
    12-30-09 10:18 PM
  2. ClemensG's Avatar

    Sorry not to be able to help you with your actual language problem, but at least I can assure you that this is NOT German but Malay (Malay language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia).

    You may want to try to uninstall BB DM, restart your computer, manually remove any DM remnants (also from the registry) and reinstall DM and see if it recognizes the Palm software afterwards. If you are lucky this fixes the language issue as well.

    But on second thought, do you have something like Outlook (or any supported organizer sw) installed or can you install something? If the wizard fails to migrate/transfer the data from your Palm to the Tour, you may have to go the "longer" way of synching the Palm with the organizer software and sync it back to your Tour... however, I'm afraid this might not bring over any emails (if you have them on your Palm as well).

    01-05-10 07:13 PM