1. gnirkatto's Avatar
    I'm using a 9780 and would like to migrate to a 9900 in the near future. I'm on BIS and my messages, calendar and contacts get synched with Gmail. I am using the native BB Gmail synch features, NOT the Google app.
    When using desktop manager to switch to a new device, all apps and general data will get transferred (wanted) and also messages, contacts and calendar entries (not wanted).
    When finishing the move to the new device, it will start synching to my Gmail account and duplicate/merge contacts and calendar events. I experienced that painfully when moving from an older device to my current 9780.
    Is there any secret trick to avoid that? I would like to synch apps and data except contats and calendar, which should then get pulled from my Gmail account onto the new device.
    11-18-11 05:20 PM