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    I want to sync my BB contacts from my phone to Outlook. Problem is even when I just do a BB to Outlook address book/contact sync, all the my contacts from my BB don't show up in Outlook.

    There is no error or any indication of a problem, so why is it not sticking all of my contacts from my BB into my Outlook calendar?

    Edit: If I go to Backup and Restore - Advanced, I can see that my address book has 152 entries. When I sync with Outlook, it says there is only 112. Why is it not syncing everybody?
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    05-31-10 12:49 PM
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    Is it possible that you have 40 Address Book Groups in your BlackBerry Address Book? Groups don't sync to Outlook.

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    05-31-10 01:20 PM
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    Nope I don't have groups on my BB. For example, the first two contacts on my BB don't show up anywhere on outlook. The third person and a bunch after that, all show up fine. The first contact that is missing has a first and last name, email, and phone number on my BB so I don't see why it wouldn't be getting transferred over.
    05-31-10 01:30 PM
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    What is different about Contacts 1 and 2, compared to Contact 3? If you can identify a difference, you're on your way to solving the problem. If you can't see a difference, try deleting Contact 1 from your BlackBerry and entering it manually in Outlook. Then see if it will sync from Outlook to the BlackBerry.
    05-31-10 01:40 PM
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    Ok well I have to head to work now, but if I have time tonight I'll try messing with it and posting back.
    05-31-10 01:42 PM
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    Duplicate Post.
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    JeffH, examining some of the contacts that weren't moved over, I still don't have a solid reason for why some wouldn't be exported. Some don't have last names (one contact I have is just Xbox), some have full names and info in the contact area, etc. On my BB, if I add data to the Xbox contact for example, next time I sync BB recognizes a change and asks if I want to add it to Outlook.

    While I appreciate that it is wanting to copy that contact over (finally), that's only after I changed something in that contact's information. To do that on over 50-60 contacts would be quite time consuming.
    06-02-10 12:24 PM
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    You could fairly quickly add the letter 'a' to the notes field on each non-syncing contact. I expect that once the contact starts syncing, it will sync normally thereafter, so this would be a one-time fix. I don't know why you have to do it, or what problem you are fixing by doing it. I can't reproduce the failure.
    06-02-10 03:42 PM
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    I guess I can try that in the meantime then. Hopefully in the future, all contacts will sync.
    06-02-10 04:51 PM