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    When I connect my 8330 by USB to Vista computer so that I can use parts of the Desktop Manager I get an error message telling me that " The Application Loader Wizard requires the BB Device Manager to be installed. Please contact customer support." I can back up my BB with no problem (as long as I connect after I have loaded the Desktop Manager, otherwise I get the same message,.but when I wish to add or remove an application or do anything else I get this error message. And at the same time the DM looks for device updates and freezes the program and I have to open Task Manager to get out of the Desktop Manager. Or Windows tells me that I have a problem and do I want to close the program??!!
    I have uninstalled and reinstalled v.4.5 several times with the same problem. I have contacted customer support with my carrier and still have no resolution.
    I am pretty new to the BB Curve which I love but I just wish I knew what to do with the Desktop Manager. I can see the Device Manager on my task bar so it is installed along with the Desktop Manager, so why do I keep getting this irritating message. You guys on the forum are my last resort. I hope I have posted this in the correct link.
    Thanks for any help you can give me.
    02-20-10 12:33 PM
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    BlackBerry Desktop Manager has evolved through several versions. Your best bet, is to remove the older version and start with a fresh downloaded version. Use Windows Control Panel / Programs to remove the old one.

    When you do the new install, it will prompt you to allow it to check for updates. Feel free to de-select that options, it makes life a lot simpler.

    02-20-10 12:47 PM
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    That's part of the problem! I have it set to not look for updates but when I get the error message it automatically looks and then freezes the Manager. I need to know why it won't recognize the Device Manager when it is already installed. I have installed and reinstalled as I already said in my post even doing it with the help of my service provider (Carrier). They are stumped and told me to check online for an answer!! Thanks

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    02-20-10 01:41 PM
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    The current version of Desktop Manager is 5.0.1. You said you have installed 4.5. Is that the one that came on the CD with the phone? Or are you thinking of your device operating system?

    Anyway, uninstall DM (again) and download the current version from BlackBerry

    02-20-10 02:15 PM
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    No, the one on the CD was an earlier version. I thougt v 5 was a beta version and when I was on BB website all that was offered at the time was the version I have now. Thanks for your help I will do as you suggested and check out v 5. Hopefully that will fix the problem. If you don't hear from me for a while it is because I won't be near my computer for a couple of days.

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    02-20-10 03:57 PM
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    Thanks ttfmaep. You are right and I was being a bit of an ***** and wasn't looking in the right place! When I sprouted a brain and checked the version of the Desktop Manager that I did install, it shows as the correct version of 5.0.1. So the CD version that came with the BB, which is an older one, and this latest version which I have installed several times, give me the same error message. Any suggestions. Has nobody else had this problem?
    02-21-10 09:54 AM
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    Ok maybe I am just an ***** and don't understand enough of the technical stuff but why is the desktop manager not equipped or not able to do automatic updates kind of like how Windows does for your PC?
    02-21-10 10:12 AM