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    Hello all,

    I've been lurking about here for eons and decided I'd only post when I'd encounter a problem. I'm pleased I've been through 2 Blackberries and a Playbook thus far without having to make a post. Praise being given where it is due, let's get into the problem:

    When loading Desktop Software on my PC, it will never fully bring up my music collection. My Music is just that; it is all in one folder, and is in the default Library location. Windows and iTunes I have updated numerous times, and they register many albums which Desktop Software has been missing altogether. I tried to remove and reinstall the Desktop Software, and also clearing my Bold's memory of music in hopes of the library updating. Still, many music files would not register.

    Let me be clear: Desktop Software has been managing my device's music just fine. It has a problem reading what is on my computer.

    Any ideas?

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    09-24-12 08:48 PM