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    So, i have had this particular bold for about 5 months now. I have backed it up MANY times, but lately it starts going through and an "unknown error" comes up and will not finish the backup. Any thoughts?

    I am using version
    My phone is on

    Also, lately i have been dropping calls, my service has been all over the map, going from gsm, to edge, to EDGE, to #G, and back in the nasty cycle. Anyone else have this issue and ideas of why it's happening? I am on AT&T.

    09-21-09 04:06 PM
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    Reguarding your backups. First I would try backing up on someone elses PC. Second, and i know its drastic, remove ALL your contacts pics. You can still save them onto your media card but not the internal gig of storage. I have had this occurs once or twice. In the end it is quite often a corrupted pic or the browser cache.

    I mrntion the pics first because although laborious to copy then delete those contact pics, there is no way to back up your browser cache or bookmarks.

    It the pic trick fails, then delete the browser cache. If that fails delete the broswer cache bookmarks and cookies.

    I hope this helps.

    PS UPGRADE YOUR OS!!! You 130ish versions behind. The latest official OS is

    The are detailed steps on how to upgrade in the BlackBerry 101 help section.
    09-21-09 06:02 PM
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    Thanks for the help!! I am going to try on my laptop at home tonight for sure. I just upgraded the Desktop software to V4.7 and still the same issue. It happens right where it says "configuring bluetooth" and thats when the error pops up.

    I want to upgrade OS, the ones i found on AT&T site are and Which one should i use?
    09-21-09 06:28 PM
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    Ah. In that case, delete all your bluetooth pairings first before you try the contacts stuff.

    If your comfotable going with an official release from another carrier go with the 301 build that stickied at the top of the forum. All of the available OSs on ATT BlackBerry site are the same as the one you currently have. Go with the from AVEVA sticked at the top of the forum.

    You will get much better battery life, styem stability and for an ATT user the ability to switch between EDGE and 3G if you want. the 3G lock have been taken off.

    Please read the have to upgrade article in BlackBerry 101.

    good luck.
    09-21-09 06:56 PM
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    Upgraded to .301 complete and backups working now. Thanks!! Hopefully my service issues will get better.

    Do you guys keep wifi on at all times??
    09-22-09 12:03 PM
  6. Yandar's Avatar
    I hope 301 is good for you.

    As to wifi, everyone is different. It depends if you have ubiqutious wifi everywhere you are. If you keep it on all the time it will be draining your battery unless its use outways they battery drain.
    09-22-09 12:30 PM
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    Does connectivity to wifi have any effect on the cell service (bars, 3G) or are they totally independent?
    09-22-09 12:46 PM