1. Digidata's Avatar
    I am a new 8530 user and like the device, but having switched from a Palm Centro, am not at all pleased with the Desktop software. I have not been able to load an ascii file of contact data, through the direct mapping or Outlook Express options. I thought I would be able to create my list on the desktop and then port to the 8530, but I'm stuck trying to "thumb" all the data onto the tiny keys. The 8530 alone is a great device, and does a great job of collecting email on the go, and the battery doesn't drain like the Centro, so I'll live with it, but I would still like a desktop interface like the Palm Desktop.
    02-06-10 10:30 AM
  2. scouts36's Avatar
    Best suggestion is that you import your ascii contact list to Outlook Express Address Book. Do all the editing there and the set your DM to synch with OE Address Book.

    Lets face it, no one edits contacts in an ascii list and expect a BB device to recognize it...
    02-06-10 11:11 AM
  3. Digidata's Avatar
    Yes, I have addresses in OE, but the sync to the BB does not work. I can only sync from the BB to Desktop.
    02-06-10 04:01 PM