1. taz666's Avatar
    Before i start i do no there is lots of threads about this i am searching also,

    but here goes brand new clean install of xp on girlfriends laptop sothought would install bb desktop manager and usb drivers for just incase, so installed the drivers and the latest DM from the site and nope doesnt work, no connection, i get a ding dong when i insert the usb cable but thats it not even a memory card in my computer, no sign ofit in device manager, but my phone charges through usb, any help or links to other threads while im searcing i would really appreciate thanks for your time
    07-16-09 04:00 AM
  2. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    Delete the drivers and let XP automatically install them. Other than that, you might want to look at the connector on your Pearl. Make sure it has at least 4 out of the 5 pins. Also make sure you've set your Media Card in options like this:

    07-16-09 04:11 AM
  3. taz666's Avatar
    Ok so my memory card is already setup like that from when I first used DM on my pc to set phone up, but I have just noticed the mini usb on my pearl the pins are not all at the bottom I'll see if I can push them down with out breaking them with a pin

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    07-16-09 04:41 AM
  4. taz666's Avatar
    right got the problem sorted the pins on the mini usb on my pearl where bent upwards little bit of playing around with a pin and all sorted works fine with the latest version of DM to, thanks for the advice anyway guys
    07-16-09 03:09 PM