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    Hi! I tried looking around and couldn't come up with the right search to find the answer to this if this has been answered. I am brand new to BB (had my new storm about 4 days!). I love it-but I am still struggling to understand some things.

    I had previously used a pda (windows based) and so I am familiar with some of the concepts and applications and using a software from the desktop to sync but I am struggling.

    I do believe I have desktop version 5 because when I installed the CD it prompted for an update and I got it.

    My problem is this-I wanted to delete some extra languages and things through it but when I try, it also wants to either delete or "downgrade" my facebook application and other apps that I installed right from the bb device. They are unchecked in my desktop manager and if I check them so NOT to delete, it says "downgrade' and shows a different version of that application. I haven't actually tried b/c I am afraid of losing things.

    Also, is there a place in the options where it you select what to sync from outlook calender or contacts? And when you do sync, what type of memory does the calender and contacts use? Is it device, application or can it be stored on mem card. From what I gather the only things go on mem card are music,ringtones,docs and images.

    Thanks in advance!!
    08-23-09 09:52 PM