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    Here is my problem in a nutshell.

    I had version 5.0.1 of the DM, and every time I did a backup, I got errors such as

    Error backing up database(s). [Profiles] 7 of 8 entries retrieved.

    After investigating this, I read that I should clear my browser cache. I did this and still saw the error.

    I then read that I should downgrade the DM to an earlier version such as 4.6.

    The first version of 4.6 that I downloaded gave me multiple errors, so I uninstalled it and installed DM 4.7 from my T-Mobile site.

    Now, the backups work fine with no errors, but I have a second problem.

    I also want to back up my third party apps, so following the instructions I have, it tells me to use the Device Switch wizard. After going into this, unchecking Devices and Data options, and checking Third-party applications and clicking Next, I get this error every time:

    "A Fatal error has occurred while updating your devices software. Please try again.

    Reading on this error tells me that I have to downgrade even further to DM 4.6. Well, the last version I tried ended up being corrupted and I am not sure where to get a copy with Media Sync that is complete. When I go to the RIM North America site, it only shows me the latest version.

    So, it appears that I am unable to upgrade my device software until I get this matter resolved. So if anyone can supply a link, or even some alternate suggestions for resolving these errors, that would be great.


    1. DM 4.6 English with Media Sync

    2. Possible alternatives for resolving this matter if the downgrade to 4.6 produces the same problem, or, some other way to back up my third party apps.


    Elizabeth Klisiewicz
    12-08-09 02:48 PM
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    Found a link to version 4.6 DM software by clicking on a different phone at the TMO site. Hopefully the downgrade will fix these backup issues.
    12-08-09 04:37 PM