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    I have had my 9000 for about a month now and really enjoy using it.

    There is one thing that is driving me crazy and I cant find out how to sort this out. Every time I connect via USB to my XP PC, the Desktop Manager (Version 5.0) immediately goes onto the net looking for device application updates and eventually returns to the DM screen, but I have to wait 30 to 40 seconds before I can do I quick sync until this is finished.

    Is there a way to switch this auto-check feature off?

    Thanks for the help.
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    10-26-09 08:59 AM
  2. fabuloso's Avatar
    There really isn't a way around it. I too, hate this. I get a pop up about some rubbish update, and I just cancel it. It annoying.
    10-26-09 09:15 AM
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    Yeah it is really irritating! I cant believe that this can't be switched off!!

    Another question, please? Having allowed the DM update the 4.6 System Software that it was harping on about (the whole thing took 15 to 20 minutes) it returned a successful message,

    Now every time I try to put something new on the phone, the App Loader in DM sees that there is a 4.6 Core Applications update available. I can't deselect this, so to put a little 300kb app on the phone, I have to let it go through the 4.6 update as well... and the next time around, it wants to update the same thing again.

    Am I doing something wrong?
    10-26-09 09:53 AM
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    Actually that was a little misleading... when I let the 4.6 update happen, the BB eventually returns an error in really tiny little writing on screen - saying "app error 200 - reset" and reset is highlighted, which I have to do, otherwise nothing happens.

    So the next time I want to load a tiny app on the phone, I have to allow it to attempt to update 4.6 again and this whole process goes round in circles. The tiny app that I am trying to load, always seems to load, but not the 4.6 software.
    10-26-09 10:02 AM
  5. jeffreii's Avatar
    Does the service pack to DM 5.0, released today, solve this issue for you guys?

    10-26-09 01:16 PM
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    I see there are some similar comments to mine that have been sorted out, so it probably will help. The link doesn't activate for me though. I have tried it on two browsers and the 'download' link is not a link!
    10-27-09 12:54 AM
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    Jeffreii thanks for the suggestion.

    That did the trick.
    10-29-09 05:11 AM