1. Chaplain_Clancy's Avatar
    Just noticed and downloaded this Update.

    Here's the changes and updates http://docs.blackberry.com/en/smartp..._Bundle_42.pdf
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    03-27-13 05:48 PM
  2. Homo Erectus's Avatar
    cool thanks for pdf
    03-27-13 06:23 PM
  3. go1ndr's Avatar
    How is it working out for you? Are any of the issues addressed in the pdf coming up when you use it?
    Good info (thanks) but the issues pages are a little scary! I'm still using 6.1 with no issues but want to upgrade badly-still not worth the problems if they can't be fixed.
    03-29-13 05:33 PM
  4. claykin's Avatar
    Release notes are boggling. No list of fixes, but a long list of known issues. Long...

    No official Win 8 or OL 2013 support. Lovely.
    03-30-13 11:57 AM
  5. Chaplain_Clancy's Avatar
    Actually, it works perfectly. No problems encountered what-so-ever. My Windows 7 Laptop is running it well and my Windows 8 desktop has actually never run it better.
    04-01-13 09:38 PM
  6. go1ndr's Avatar
    So is everyone on the same page that this build (.42) is solid and can be depended on to work--cause once you delete the old 6.1 or whatever version you have now, it's gone, gone, gone. The 6.1 is solid and runs perfect on the W7 machines--haven't tried any on the W8 laptop yet! Interested to hear more reviews considering the problems with all the 7.x DMs! Thanks!
    Update: just read the pdf!! Yikes that is a long list! Hmmmm--doesn't sound convincing to me!
    04-05-13 05:56 PM
  7. futseydoc's Avatar
    I am not at all pleased with the update to bundle 42 version
    I have updated 3 pc's, running XP pro, Vista Ultimate and Windows 7. None of the machines recognise my devices anymore, a BB 9000, BB 9900 and playbook. Another XP machine that I didn't update recognises the devices fine, so the problem is clearly related to bundle 42. Big regret. Any solutions would be very welcome.
    04-13-13 04:11 PM
  8. kbz1960's Avatar
    I just dropped my pb yesterday with the usb charger plugged in and bent it. I bent it back and it still charges and I hooked up to DM today to see if that was still working and it is but when opening DM it prompted for an update, which I did.

    Still working as always, I just did a backup, with no issues. I don't do any syncing or outlook stuff.

    Edit Win 8 on my lappy
    04-13-13 04:21 PM
  9. lohphat's Avatar
    I get the Outlook profile dialog and it locks up.

    RIM can't support a shipping OS?

    I'm --> <-- close to finally dumping BB.
    04-16-13 03:01 AM
  10. chubbynuts's Avatar
    I cant connect my playbook anymore.I get an error when i try to sync anything. My playbook is now a paper weight.
    04-17-13 06:37 PM
  11. plasnum's Avatar
    Try closing the desktop manager application and restarting it again, worked for me.
    05-03-13 06:16 PM
  12. mediaman09's Avatar
    Need some help

    On my Win 7 deskop, I dont yet have (1) Blackberry LInk installed, but I do have (2) Blackberry Device Manager 7.1, and (3) Blackberry Device Communication Compenents Windows Explorer sees my Z10 fine, ie I see a drive with books, camera, documents, etc.

    HOWEVER, a) when I launch Blackbarry Desktop Software ( .it complains about detecting an unknown device ..and complains that "Blackberry Deskltop Software devince information update failed. Please verify you have a valid internet conenction" It sees my PIN, and it can perforam a backup - which it calls "Unknown Device (May 14, 2013)". I assume its due to an older version, so tried to install v7.1.0 B42 from BlackBerry - Software Downloads 2 but at 99% I get "Unable to download/...710_b042_multilanguage from downlaods.blackberry.com. The connection with the server was reset"

    Any suggestions?
    05-14-13 10:21 AM
  13. daveycrocket's Avatar
    Hi Mediaman09
    If you are wanting to sync your Z10 you will need to download Blackberry Link, Desktop manager will not work with a BB10 phone.
    I'm not sure why you were unable to download DM B42 if you need to use it because you have an older phone ie OS 7 downwards I suggest updating through desktop manager itself "go", ? top right, click check for updates, follow instruction.
    Hope it helps
    05-14-13 03:52 PM
  14. go1ndr's Avatar
    Hey Davey! Long time! Note that I've found out that you can not download the newest version of Link (released last night) or any other version and have it work correctly with BBDM on the same PC. Blackberry recommends that you uninstall the BBDM first and then (after a reboot of computer of course-lol) install the newest version of "Link". Once Link is on the PC, it should see the Z10 the OP has and be able to sync with outlook (both ways now) backup, restore, transfer, etc like always. Its a new release so there may still be some bugs in it and the Z may not be able to 2-way sync with out the 10.1 update to the device as it takes both.
    I agree that it is certainly the problem he is having. Q10 next week! Can't wait!
    06-06-13 05:30 PM

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