1. Chaddface's Avatar
    My vista has been slow on startup for a few weeks now. When retarting or coming back from sleep I get a black screen with a pointer for 3-5 mins. Once the desktop comes up there are no problems . After some time I have been able to isolate the problem to the desktop manager program. Does anyone know what part of the manager is locking up?
    04-24-09 11:13 AM
  2. Reed McLay's Avatar
    When you install BlackBerry Desktop Manager, there is a default option to startup with Windows. That is likley why you have noted an increase in the start up time.

    You may prefer to start DTM on command, like most of us.

    If you are confident with Windows, you can use MSCONFIG to edit your startup list. The other option is to run the install program again, deselecting the Startup option.
    04-24-09 11:17 AM
  3. Chaddface's Avatar
    Thanks Reed. I dont have it set to startup with windows. I have been through the msconfig window. The only fix I could find was to go back to restore point before Desktop Manager. I reinstalled programs 1 at a time and checked startup each time. Right after I put the manager back on the syptoms came back. I tried 4.6 and 4.7 with media manager and got same results. I guess I'll try 4.6 without media manager from the website.

    I can drag and drop music and video I just would like to have Desktop Manager working for backup and app loader. Would I be alright without the Manager?
    04-24-09 12:36 PM
  4. Reed McLay's Avatar
    Ahhh .... Media Manager. That is the culprit.

    You are using Windows Vista. The diagnostics included are one of the advanced features that make it so desirable.

    Ctrl+Alt+Del brings up the Task Manager. Select the Performance tab and click on the Resource Monitor ... button.

    You can monitor each active thread too determine, what is going on here?

    Would I be alright without the Manager? ...
    You absolutely need Backup. Hopefully, you never need Restore.

    I launch DTM as needed for scheduled Backups and Sync with Outlook.
    04-24-09 12:43 PM
  5. Chaddface's Avatar
    I install DTM 4.6 without the media and everything works fine. Do you have any idea what part of the Media Manager could be hanging? I did a search and didn't find anyone with the same issues. It seems odd that it would be a problem specific to my PC.
    04-24-09 01:17 PM
  6. Reed McLay's Avatar
    Roxio Media Manager launches three threads at startup. Between them, they will run your CPU usage at near 100%.

    As you can imagine, there are few Roxio fans with BlackBerry.
    04-24-09 01:54 PM