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    I recently reloaded Windows XP onto my computer and began the task of reloading applications. I loaded the newest Desktop Manager, and when I tried to open it, I got this message "Blackberry Desktop Software has encountered a problem and needs to close". No mention of what the error was or anything. I tried a few times, then deleted it and reloaded it. Still getting the same message. Is anyone else out there getting this message?
    09-21-10 11:45 AM
  2. sbi's Avatar
    Dito. Removed, cleaned registry, downloaded and re-installed - same problem. Got the error during installation and when I try to launch the program.

    This is a relatively new XP Pro installation. Prior to format I had the 5.something version that I got on the CD with the BB.

    Any idea anyone?

    Problem solved with DM 5.01, but I am not happy and I am pissed and the lack of support at blackberry.com.
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    09-21-10 09:38 PM