1. Spach's Avatar
    I am having problems with the Media Manager in Desktop Manager. I installed it and it worked ok for a while but now when I click Media Manager nothing happens. My Berry goes from the home screen to saying "connected to computer" when I click it, but then Roxio just never opens.

    I have tried reinstalling Desktop Manager, and the first time I click Media Manager after the install it works fine, after that it stops working again. I am using version 4.3 but I also tried the beta of 4.6 and still Roxio wont open through the Desktop Manager.

    Any thoughts?
    06-13-08 05:18 PM
  2. AUtigers350z's Avatar
    Hmm not sure. Media Manager isn't working on my 4.6 either. Although, I'm not really as concerned with Media Manager as I am BBerry Media Sync.
    06-13-08 06:19 PM