1. knotzbroken's Avatar
    Whenever I try to update my apps, the following error appears:

    Validation failed because a module marked for update (net_rim_bb_qm_peer_help_en) is not available on local disk

    Help will be appreciated.
    10-18-10 01:25 AM
  2. Torchedandpurified9800's Avatar
    I had problems with Desktop Manager with my very first Torch...I tried managing my apps on there and it started deleting my cab files on my phone! But that made problems on my phone...are you talking about on your PC or BB?
    10-19-10 01:35 AM
  3. jcp007's Avatar
    I manage and update my apps on the Torch and use DM to back and synch the Torch.

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    10-19-10 04:54 AM
  4. Torchedandpurified9800's Avatar
    Hmmm...that's exactly what I did the one time I did it...it still deleted cab files...that's probably what happened...did you download the software update for OS 6?
    10-19-10 02:46 PM