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    Ok, so here it is ....

    I have just been upgraded from a 8310 to an 8900 as they didnt have any more 8310's to replace my broken phone.

    All i got was the phone and charger (no data transfer cable)

    I cant get hold of a data cable for the 8900 (my 8310 has a different fitting) and im having one sent out, but wont be here till wednesday at the earliest.

    I have downloaded Desktop manager and have seen an option to transfer via bluetooth. My phone is connected to the computer, but the check box for bluetooth transfer is grey and it wont let me select the option.

    Im running XP home edition on the pc, have a 8900 thats running v4.6.1.133 & desktop manager V4.6

    Can anyone let me know how i can set the bluetooth up to transfer my data from Desktop manager to my 8900 please
    11-21-09 08:43 AM