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    I'm having trouble syncing my Outlook 2007 contacts and calender to my BB using Gmail with IMAP. Here's my story.....

    So I decided that I had to reformat my PC, and in doing, so did the will of wanting to organize the way I email. I have a Gmail account and recently I was notified that I had to re-validate my email settings through the BB email settings wizard. In doing so I learned that Gmail was offering an IMAP service.

    So I converted.....

    I'm using Outlook 2007 configured to access my Gmail account with IMAP. With the new format, I reinstalled Desktop Manager 5.0 and I can't sync my calender and contacts now to Outlook.

    I've read many posts and a lot of people don't seem to understand what's going on. My take:
    When you configure Outlook 2007 for an IMAP email account it has to create a new PST file in order to store the data. So your original PST file "outlook.pst" is not configured and therefor your default Personal Folders Profile remains void of any email settings. So in other words, Outlook recognizes two sets of data files, one for Gmail, and one is it's Default. The Calender and Contact applications are dependent around the Default data file.
    When I sync my blackberry, since Gmail is now IMAP, email doesn't require a sync. But to sync my Calenders, my BB see's two sets of calenders, one belonging to my Gmail account and one belonging to my Outlook account. So when I sync, my Outlook account is seen as the primary and the information on my BB doesn't apply to the sync, hence the no syncing of my contacts or calender to Outlook because my IMAP account is not considered the default or primary Data profile. So now I'm stuck

    So could someone please enlighten me on how I can get some sort of harmonious synchronization with my Outlook at home (which is my primary application), my Blackberry, and my Gmail service, that's not too complex and that is well balanced.

    P.S. If you were going to mention Google Calender Sync for Outlook I would of given you brownie points. But seeing that I'm using Windows 7 x64, which is not supported (Yay for me!) it's out of the question.

    P.P.S I hope some people got a humorous chuckle out of this as I had when I wrote it.

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    05-11-10 03:22 AM