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    Last week I switched phones, from a Pearl to a Curve. I was always able to sync my Pearl to my Outlook calendar, but have just tried doing it for the Curve for the first time and am unable to do so using the Desktop Manager. I've been all over the internet today looking for solutions, but have found none.

    I'm running Desktop Manager 4.3. I'm on Windows XP Pro SP 3. My phone software is 4.3.

    Here's the problem: When I try to sync my Outlook 2007 calendar to my BB, it will begin to sync but will eventually error out.

    The errors I receive are Intellisync errors, and are randomly either "The operation terminated unexpectedly" or "Unknown error reported". They occur not only when I'm trying to sync but also sometimes when I try to reconfigure the sync. If I'm allowed to reconfig the sync, it doesn't matter if I do a one-way or two-way sync, neither works.

    The Intellisync Error Log reports the following: DesktopMgr caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005)
    in module MsOutlookApi.dll at 001b:08b6dca2 CurrentThread:00000EB8.

    Of course there's much more data in the log, but this seemed like the most important.

    Here's what I've done so far thanks to this forum and others online: reinstalled Desktop Manager, cleared calendar on device, removed service books for other email addresses to ensure that I'm only showing my Outlook email address in Calendar Options, and deleted Intellisync folder under Application Data.

    Anybody have any other ideas? I'm trying to avoid calling technical support on this one. Any help will be very much appreciated.
    07-24-08 03:02 PM
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    Try resetting the config. You could also view the sync log to see if you can better troubleshoot the cause.
    07-24-08 03:09 PM
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    Try resetting the config.
    Thank you sunkast, I've done that too. No luck. Plus, sometimes it errors out before I can reset the config.

    You could also view the sync log to see if you can better troubleshoot the cause.
    Sometimes I can't get far enough to view a sync log, but when I do, it shows two files input from first system (device), one that is <Unspecified>. That sounds about right, I haven't added much to my phone calendar, I make the majority of my changes in Outlook.
    There is nothing under Input From Second System (Outlook).
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    07-24-08 03:14 PM
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    I'm in the same boat - have you had any luck resolving this issue?
    07-27-08 10:21 PM
  5. Gobragh13's Avatar
    I'm in the same boat - have you had any luck resolving this issue?
    Ali, the only thing that ended up working for me was to download the Desktop Manager 4.2.2. I was able to sync right away after doing that. Hope that works for you!
    07-27-08 10:40 PM
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    spent the last 2 hrs with sprint tech support on this issue. Per their tech support, Outlook 2007 is not supported and my options are to uninstall Outlook 2007 and go back to 2003, or deal with no sync.
    02-11-09 02:15 PM
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    Does anyone know if microsoft will give a free version of Outlook 2003 to Outlook 2007 owners?
    02-11-09 02:44 PM
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    ...using Outlook 2007 the whole time -- so I really don't think that's the issue (and I'm having the same problem now)...
    02-11-09 06:52 PM
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    Sprint Tech support is pretty bad. The guy wrote me off after saying I had to downgrade to Office 2003, but I agree that it should work on 2007. I'm not 100% sure, but I think my problem was Google Sync. When I uninstalled it, my calendar started syncing properly. I tried reinstalling it and the problems resumed. I uninstalled and am syncing properly again. I'm sure it's a different problem than you're having, but just food for thought....maybe something else you installed is causing the problem?
    02-11-09 06:56 PM
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    I'm using the same version of DM as you. I am running 4.5 OS. I have no issues syncing with Outlook 2007. Calender, Contacts, Tasks and Memo's.

    You could try U/G to 4.5 and see if that works.

    I don't believe what Sprint tech support told you. It should work.
    02-11-09 07:50 PM
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    ok.. its 2 in the morning and i am exhausted ... finally cracked it... in brief... delete the intellisync folder

    C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Roaming\Research In Motion\BlackBerry\Intellisync..

    reset configuration from desk top manager.

    In the desktop manager reconfigure synchronization settings to suit your requirements using the Configure PIM or Configure Synch button.

    Try to synchronize again

    sorry for being brief but i have simply had enough of faffing around with the pc.

    good luck
    03-04-09 07:59 PM
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    Wow--this issue is everywhere for people with all different situations. I have Outlook 2007 and Desktop Manager 4.6. I have been synching with my outlook just fine for the past 5-6 months (just like justaservant). Suddenly last night, I got the error. I tried everything that people have suggested. Reconfiguring, looking for bad calendar entries, i.e. one's with attachments. Like Gobragh, my error log reports the following: "DesktopMgr caused an Access Violation" and then what appears to be a specific location though I don't know what to do with that info.

    I have gone to RIM/blackberry/Application Data so that I could delete the Intellisync folder, but I see no such folder. For a novice as myself, could someone give me the precise name of the file to be deleted? That is the only thing suggested that I haven't tried.

    I will give T-Mobile tech support a call. However, last time I had an issue they were unable to help me resolve it. They thought my phone was smoked. I resolved it by working with folks in a blackberry forum.

    Btw, all seemed to go well in the synching until it began the calendar synching. I think it is problem with the outlook side of things because that is when the error popped up.

    Can anyone help???? As you all do, I heavily rely on this blackberry function.... T
    03-12-09 09:03 AM
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    since transferring data from my old Treo 600 into Outlook have had consistent sync problems between 8320 Curve & Outlook 2003: have two e-mail addresses in Outlook: several problems: the 8320 weekly calendar view does not show all appointments requiring me to change view to daily in order to see all appointments: missing appointments i.e. Outlook does not capture all device appointments & vice versa: plagued now with duplicate appointments as well: appreciate any suggestions
    03-21-09 08:08 AM
  14. vndlewis's Avatar
    I was never able to sync my outlook to my BB. I know use a program called pocket informant. It is so much closer to outlook than the BB pim. I can direct sync outlook to PIBB with no problems. Infact I bypas the BB calendar all together.

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    03-21-09 08:36 AM
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    I'm using Desktop Manager 4.5 with Outlook 2007 and also experienced the same DesktopMgr caused an Access Violation issue. The error log references the MsOutlookApi.dll. One thing I would recommend is to do a complete uninstall. For detailed uninstall information, go to www BlackBerryForums com and find the post called How to Perform a Clean Uninstall/Reinstall of BlackBerry Desktop Software. You'll find it in the BlackBerry Technical > RIM Software forum. Or use Google to locate the information. This is my first post so I'm not allowed to create a link in my response. I suggest BEFORE you reinstall, temporarily disable any virus protection software and register the atl.dll file. If and when Outlook does not synchronize, do the following:

    1) From the Desktop Manager Main Menu select Backup and Restore
    2) Click the Advanced button, a Transfer in progress window will appear as it reads the data on your device
    3) The Device databases pane will display the Database name along with their respective record count
    4) Scroll down to the database called Calendar – All. The Clear button below will become active
    5) Click the Clear button to erase all your calendar items on the device
    6) Click the Back button (bottom right) to display the Backup and Restore menu, then click the Main Menu button
    7) From the Main Menu, click Synchronize to reload your calendar data

    I hope this helps.
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    10-01-09 01:53 PM
  16. CoFRArchangel's Avatar

    If you cannot get Outlook 2007 calendar to sync up with your BB, especially with 5.0 of Desktop Manager, please follow the instructions above. (This is Outlook 2007 with Vista operating system).

    BIG BUMP!!!!
    10-18-09 12:10 PM
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    I have Outlook 2007 and Desktop Manager 4.6. I have been synching with my outlook just fine for the past couple weeks and suddenly today, I'm getting the error "Unknown error reported" and inability to sycn tasks. I read in this forum (thank you very much) to delete my outlook contacts and resycn them from my bold. it had several calendar end dates set at 11-14-2774, which I had to change, but it's working fine now. good luck everyone and thanks so much for sharing.
    11-18-09 10:30 PM
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    I have a Curve 8900 outlook 2007 and Windows 7. I can't sync. It just comes back "unknown error". I have heard of other people (with XP) deleting or renaming the intellasync folder in the C drive. But I can't find whatever folder it is (two folders actually). If anyone can give me the file path I will be forever greatful.

    05-25-11 11:07 PM