04-06-11 03:42 AM
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  1. moresa's Avatar
    I was curious to know if anyone knew where the device switch wizard on DTM6 was. I've looked everywhere and can't seem to find it. I've search the forums and can't seem to find anything here either. Posting this as a last resort.

    Thanks in advance for the help.
    11-14-10 09:15 PM
  2. blak8830's Avatar
    The Device switch wizard is under the menu from Device
    11-17-10 07:27 AM
  3. aapierre's Avatar
    When i try to sync my calendar - one way from device to outlook it reads my device then always gets stuck on item 144 of 257.
    This is the error message

    Error encountered Error code - 0x80043ac9. Check Documatnation

    I have a windows xp machine and dm 6 alongside a storm 9520.

    can anyone suggest anything.

    I deleted all my contacts from outloook 2007 so in theory I was simply sendiung my contacts to a clean outlook but it still gets stuck on 144 of 257.
    11-17-10 07:51 PM
  4. rhans405's Avatar
    Hi, I downloaded it tried it... It seems the Calendar still has issues with office 2010 as in the BB Desktop Software in Select Organizer Data to Synchronize it is mentioned that the Calender (not installed)?!

    Am I the only one with this problem??
    I have that problem, too. I can't get the software to recognize the calendar. It will sync with address book but continues to give the Calendar (not installed) even after installing it.
    11-21-10 10:05 PM
  5. d889's Avatar
    still no minimize to tray?

    i gotta go find my original disc and go back to the old version that supports that, its the one thing there is no excuse for not including.
    11-23-10 04:53 PM
  6. scouts36's Avatar
    Just installed version
    First thing I noticed is that in the main screen of DM it now correctly informs of your last backup and synch date.
    Other than that I cannot find any major differences..
    11-23-10 05:13 PM
  7. LaHaye's Avatar
    Bluetooth, backup, music and photo transfers working ok on my 9700. DM says my TMO BB needs an OS update, but I am already running the latest OS from them (.714).

    Also, UberTwitter is listed as needing an update... to a previous version! Oh well!
    (.714) Is not the latest os from TMO...but 6.0.448 is the latest os from TMO...

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    04-01-11 08:18 AM
  8. xxxmrbluntsxxx's Avatar
    Wouldn't install error 702 could not run insataller. None of blackberry's software runs rite.
    04-01-11 05:32 PM
  9. xxxmrbluntsxxx's Avatar
    Wouldn't install error 702 could not run installer. None of blackberry's software runs rite.
    04-01-11 05:33 PM
  10. scouts36's Avatar
    Mmmm, for the vast majority official versions of DM work fine...! Now, if you install a leaked version you need tu understand that you do it under your own and ONLY responsibility.
    04-04-11 07:18 AM
  11. t3chn1ck's Avatar
    ok is anyone else having issues restoring from their backup file?i have tried several times to load the file both in the full backup process and the selection one and nothing. even when i try a full restore DM doesnt seem to connect to my phone. any ideas?

    yes i'm having this problem myself! if i want to just restore i get an error message saying that dm couldn't complete the restore. i've tried a number of different configurations and i've spent a couple of days on crackberry looking for answers and i haven't found anything that works

    quick update:

    although i am still seeing the error message in DM it seems that on my bb the restore actually does happen so i guess it's a glitch in DM.
    Last edited by t3chn1ck; 04-06-11 at 03:52 AM. Reason: update occurs but DM error exists
    04-06-11 03:42 AM
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