1. dejagood's Avatar
    Well my husband and I both have a Blackberry. I, the Tour and he has the Storm. Basically from day one, his Storm has been giving him problems and he's starting to really take them "personally". He's NEVER backed up his phone. We went to the store on Saturday to start our quest with trying to get it fixed. First thing, backup your phone, I knew that but sometimes its better to let someone else tell him. Well I tried downloading the latest desktop manager onto my cpt and kept getting some kind of "yahoo connector" error. I even tried again using the disc, nothing! I use Desktop manager on a separate computer (my laptop). Here is my question, can I use my desktop manager for both of our blackberries? How do I choose which folder/file to restore? I don't want him to have my information on his phone (vice versa)!

    03-22-10 08:31 AM
  2. weaselnoze's Avatar
    yes you can use an infinate amount of blackberries on one computer. The desktop manager software will recognize which phone is connected by the PIN number.

    When you do a backup, it creates 1 simple file. when you back up your husbands phone, just name the file under his name. simple as that.

    don't get this confused with 'syncronizing'. . .
    03-22-10 08:44 AM