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    Hi everyone,
    Yesterday I installed the desktop software for my Torch and checked it out. After hooking up my phone and running updates, several came up. After about an hour the software said my phone was updated and ready for use. At first, I noticed some small differences when I began to use the phone, and I also noticed that four of my apps needed to be updated (BBM for one.) Just before I updated my phone, I chekced App World for updates and there were none. I checked some of the other posts here and it seems like others are having similiar issues. My questions are:

    1. Is BB Desktop Software necessary for the average phone user, or is it more of a pain?
    2. Can these same software updates be performed by OTA updates instead?
    3. If it isn't broke, dont fix it kind of a theory??

    I never used the desktop software before, even when I had my Tour so this is all new to me. Thanks for the help!
    10-21-11 06:09 AM
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    BBM is one of the native apps included in the OS bundle. However, it is hardly ever the latest version, which is on AppWorld. That's why AppWorld says you have an update available after updating the OS.

    1. Of course, your device will work without DM. But it is always advisable to keep a current backup of your data on your PC and that can only be accomplished with DM. There are OTA backup apps (i.e. Blackberry Protect).
    2. Yes, OTA OS updates work (most of the time). But if something does go wrong, you have no backup of your data. Also, if something goes wrong, you'll have to use DM to get your device working again.
    3. It is advisable to have the ability to put your carrier's supported OS on your device. Before doing any warranty exchanges most, if not all, carriers will require it. Also, many users take the "not broke" approach. But please (speaking from experience), frequently backup your data using DM.

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    10-24-11 11:03 AM
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    Thanks starchit for the help, you cleared a lot up for me. Appreciate it!
    10-24-11 11:10 AM
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    For the Average Joe, DTM isn't *AS* necessary as it used to be, especially with the addition of BB Protect, which backs up Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Memos, Browser Bookmarks and Text Messages. And with the OS7 version of BB Protect, Password Keeper, Wifi Profiles and a few other things are added.

    So backups are covered off without DTM (in my opinion) and substitute nicely for BASIC device switching of info (not including 3rd party apps). DTM in itself did not do 3rd party app backups, although using the device switch wizard and copying contents of temp directories served as a workaround.

    Syncing: many people do not use Outlook or Outlook Express much to sync Calendar, Contacts, Memos, Tasks, these days like they used to. The Average Joes are using mostly online mail (gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc.) as opposed to POP3 clients.

    App installs: many people are also 'migrating' from alx/cod installs to OTA jads, and/or mostly using Appworld now for installing themes, applications, etc.

    Media Sync: using Roxio used to be popular but less so now than just dragging and dropping using Windows explorer to copy media to SD cards and doing their own conversions. Many users also use Windows' SyncToy (an XP? PowerToy applet) to move media back and forth. Or use apps that back up media over the air, such as mIQ or Lookout Mobile.

    Note: these are just impressions and not based on any fact. I still use Outlook and sync to it, still do backups using DTM, and install/upgrade OS's using Apploader. I have, however, switched over to OTA only installs and no longer download alx/cod installs or use alx-to-jad converters (haven't had to do this for a while now). Anyways, I'm just saying that the NEED to have DTM to use it for backups, syncs, apps has lessened over the last few years. In my opinion.
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    10-24-11 03:53 PM
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    Klotar, thanks for the help. App World and OTA is all I've been using, just tried DTM when I picked up the new phone. I'm just not all that familiar with it yet. Thanks again!
    10-25-11 05:45 AM