1. andre3030's Avatar
    Hi all.

    I just upgraded from OS Lion to Mountain Lion DP 3 and now i cant connect my phone (9900)) to Desktop Manager (latest version).

    Any ideas?
    04-29-12 07:25 PM
  2. Bravmiki's Avatar
    I went to the RIM website and downloaded their latest version of Desktop Manager, rebooted my iMac and this time DM recognized my BlackBerry Bold. So relieved!! Now if only I could get it to sync with Entourage.

    Hope this works!
    05-12-12 04:03 AM
  3. wsw1217's Avatar
    it was still not working on my Mac. I don't know why. Any ideas
    06-12-12 12:32 PM
  4. bdegrande's Avatar
    It works for me under Mountain Lion but I am using it with a PlayBook.
    07-29-12 03:38 PM