1. Raelg14's Avatar
    OK First, Hello all I just got my Torch last night and am having an odd problem with the Desktop Manager.

    OK Last night I installed BB Desktop 6.0.1 on my work laptop @ Home on my network. Everything went fine, I was able to sync my phone (I sync'd my Outlook Contact, Calendar and Tasks, no problems.) I was also able to uninstall a few apps that were preloaded that I don't use, (i.e. Twitter and MySpace). I had no problems whatsoever.

    Now when I get into work on my corporate network, I am able to launch the Desktop Manager, but nothing displays. Its like the screen hasn't finished painting the information. I checked my Windows Firewall settings to allow BB Desktop Manager access through the Windows Firewall. (Cant turn it off corporate restriction).

    I have a feeling that when I get home tonight, I can boot up my laptop and it will work just fine on my home network, I am assuming it is because of the corporate network or the firewall but not sure why or what I am missing.

    Had anyone else had a similar problem?
    12-17-10 10:11 AM
  2. msaster's Avatar
    Sorta. But I loaded it at home and Im still having the same issue on my at home pc.
    12-17-10 10:31 AM
  3. Raelg14's Avatar
    As I suspected when I got home, Desktop Manager loaded just fine. Now the only difference is at worked I plugged the USB cable into a docking station not into the laptop itself. I don't think that will help but its the next thing to check.
    12-18-10 08:52 AM