1. evon's Avatar
    hey everyone, am a newbi n this is my 1st BB n already am ..."curse u BB Curve" : ) ok, 1st of all I got it on ebay so I didnt get a few things like a manual and a desktop soft ( didn think I'd actually need these things, had no idea this device was so meticulous and suffisticated) I went to see a friend and we tried on his software n it connected except that it doesnt show the sd momory card so I thought it was a glitch and I went to the BB site n got he download myself only for it to still not be wrkin.

    I've tried all I think I can I need some expertise plz!
    05-08-08 07:36 PM
  2. jeffh's Avatar
    Your message is a little hard to understand, but here is how to enable your SD card:
    Options/Media Card/
    Media Card Support: On
    Encryption Mode: None
    Mass Storage Mode Support: On
    Auto Enable Mass Storage Mode When Connected: Prompt

    When you plug the phone into a PC USB port, answer yes to the prompt and you will be in mass storage mode and can drag and drop files from the pc to the blackberry.
    05-08-08 10:27 PM
  3. axeberry's Avatar
    I understood him just fine.

    Yeah, give it about a week and you'll know your berry better than your car! It's a little difficult at first but once you learn everything about it you'll never own a different smart phone.
    05-08-08 10:42 PM