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    Hi All,
    Totally new to Blackberry. Received my 8830 today and have activated it. I tried to do my due diligence preparing for it. I've read through most of the Blackberry 101 tutorials and even saved some of the forums posts that I thought might come in handy as I get accustomed to the 8830. The phone was new-in-box, not refurbished (to the best of my knowledge). I've set up my BIS and data services are active and On, according to the phone.
    My problem seems to be with Desktop Manager. Since the phone is new to me, I thought it would go ahead and upgrade to the new 4.5 OS. However, my DM is not recognizing the unit as connected to my computer. I truly hope it's not something really stupid that I've overlooked...
    I downloaded the most recent version of Desktop Manager. The phone "lights up" when I connect it via usb, but it is not "recognized". I would hope it's not a phone mini usb issue, as it's brand new, but I realize that might be a possibility. With the newest version of DM, I assume my drivers are up to par as well.
    Any idea on what I can try/do to get DM to recognize my phone's connection? Or to upgrade OS without DM (although, I don't see any mention of that)?
    I truly hope I have not posted this in ignorance...for once, I tried being prepared!

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions,
    11-17-09 11:16 AM
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    It's actually better to upgrade device OS with DM turned off, using file "Loader.exe" directly:

    C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader

    Maybe someone else could post relevant links.
    11-17-09 12:16 PM
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    Thanks for the suggestion. I'm thinking it's usb driver related for some reason. I tried that method and my comp cannot locate my phone on any com port and will not enable the auto detect.

    After uninstalling and reinstalling desktop manager and related software, I notice my pop-ups telling me that the drivers install then there is an error with them and it does not recognize the connected phone. DM will not open without the phone connected either.

    So both methods are unsuccessful.

    I'll keep searching for any driver advice that may be floating around...
    11-17-09 02:50 PM
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    It sounds like a problem with DLLs not registering. This is not very common problem and only a small group of BB users are experiencing the issue so it's poorly documented.

    If during the installation you have four error messages starting with Error 1904 saying that the following files "failed to register":

    ... \BlackBerry\IS71 Connectors\ISGroupWise6.5.X\GW.dll
    ... \BlackBerry\IS71 Connectors\ISGroupWise6.5.X\GWApi.dll
    ... \BlackBerry\IS71 Desktop Setup\DesktopSetup_pb.dll
    ... \BlackBerry\IS71 Action Engine\SyncAE_pb.dll

    then please enter the following line in the Search field in the top right corner of this page and you will find the answer:

    How to fix Desktop Manager Error 1904

    You can also google this line:

    \BlackBerry\IS71 Connectors\ISGroupWise6.5.X\GW.dll failed to register

    In short, you will need to do the following:

    1) Uninstall DM.

    2) Install application called "SubInACL" on your PC.

    3) Modify file "reset.cmd" in the above application to include your user profile name in two lines of code.

    4) Run file "reset.cmd".

    5) Register all four DLL files manually.

    If you still have problems then it might be better to open a new thread and use the title:

    Desktop Manager Error 1904 - GW.dll failed to register

    I would gladly help you more but I don't post on these forums to often so I can't send URL links, screenshot links, etc.
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    11-19-09 06:30 PM