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    Hello all,

    I am a new blackberry owner, only the BB isn't new. It is an 8700c with OS with the 2007 DST Patch installed. I got the BB from my Uncle as he has a new one and he hadn't used this one for a couple of years. I'm actually not a big fan of BB's but it was free and it works so I'm not complaining.

    However, I would like to update the OS to the latest version and I need your help. I've been trying to do this for the past 2 days and haven't gotten anywhere.

    I am operating on a Windows Vista computer with an AMD processor. I have tried to download many different versions of the DM. Yet, every one of them that I have downloaded have either not opened when I open them (they appear for a split second then disappear), or don't recognize my phone. [I am connecting through a USB cord.] I'm sure that if I could get the DM to recognize my phone I wouldn't have a problem with installing the new OS. (The loader.exe doesn't even recognize the phone.)

    I have tried to search through these forums to find a solution but everything that I have tried doesn't work.

    Here are the steps in which I have tried every time:
    -Install Desktop Manager (many different versions)
    -Install new OS on computer
    -Delete the Vender.xml file
    -Plug phone into computer using USB cord
    -Open desktop manager

    No luck. I have also checked the USB Root Hubs in the Device Manager and all of them have the box for 'turn device off' or whatever unchecked as to prevent bricking.

    I am trying to do this at work because I have a mac at home and the Mac version of the DM doesn't come out until later this month. Or at least it's supposed to... but we all know how new releases work. Not sure if BB is good about getting the releases out as scheduled but I know a lot of places aren't. But I do want to point out that when I plug the BB into my mac it shows the 'connected to computer' screen, and when I plug the BB into the Windows PC it doesn't show that screen. Also, when I plug the BB into the window's computer there is a bubble that pops up in the corner saying that it is installing the BB drivers. And when I go to the Device Manager it shows up as blackberry in the USB drop down.

    Also, is it a good idea to go from v4.1 straight to v4.5 or should I update to v4.2 first?

    I appreciate any help that can be given. Maybe I'm missing something really simple. I do that sometimes. I hope I gave enough information, if not, let me know what you need and I'll get it to you.

    Thanks guys!
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    You can go directly to the latest version available for your phone. Each OS completely replaces the previous OS on the phone, so there's no reason to install interim updates. I recommend you use DM 4.6. That should work with no problems. DM 4.7 had issues, and DM 5.0 is too new for me to recommend it yet. I have used DM 4.6 and DM 5.0 both on my Vista machine with AMD processor with no problem. I can't tell from the symptoms you describe what might be going on in your case. Concentrate on getting DM 4.6 to work first and see what happens.
    09-10-09 04:25 PM
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    if the DM isn't working for you at all, you can go to blackberrys site to upgrade it...here's the link

    link to update at blackberrys site
    09-10-09 08:41 PM
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    -Clean wipe of DM
    -Installed v4.6
    -Registered the atl.dll
    -Installed OS v4.5 update
    -Deleted Vender.xml

    Nothing. I then went to the blackberry tech solutions page and tried everything on there. Nothing!

    I tried to install the update through the BB website using the AppLoader.. but that's the same thing as the Loader.exe that I mentioned in the original post.

    I started wondering if it was a problem with the BB instead of my computer. So when I boss came in I asked if I could borrow his BB to see if the DM on my computer would recognize his.

    And guess what? Nothing.

    Meaning I can now eliminate my blackberry as the problem. But I can't seem to find out what is wrong with the DM on this computer. It's driving me crazy! I've asked my boss if I can borrow his computer when he goes to lunch to see if his computer and DM will recognize my BB. I will let you know how that goes.

    However, I'm still asking for ideas as I absolutely do not know what is going on and any help will be appreciated. If we can get this solved it will be an extravagant feat.

    09-11-09 11:07 AM
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    I was able to successfully install OS v4.5 on my BB using my boss's computer. (How gracious of him, yes? lol) Anyways, now that that's out of the way I feel a lot better. Yay!

    I will also continue to work on this problem because if we can solve it then it will hopefully help someone later on. If and when I solve it I will finally update the post as [Solved!], but as of now, I will update it as [Half Solved!].

    Hoping my problems can help someone else along the way.

    Thanks for the help @JeffH and @wandiweah!
    09-11-09 01:48 PM
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    maybe it could be a USB port problem? did you try using different USB ports on your computer? and do other things work in the USB ports on your computer?
    09-11-09 06:28 PM
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    The computer recognizes the phone it's just the DM that doesn't. I know that the port works because I use my scanner through the same one. And I have tried every port on the computer.
    09-12-09 06:11 PM
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    check out ur usb line
    09-22-09 04:24 AM