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    OK so i have DM 5.0.1 and I am running .304 OS on my Bold.

    When I hook up my bold to my PC it says that there are core updates for a bunch of stuff so I let it run the update and while running it gives me an error saying that it can not find my internet connection and download the needed updates. Has anyone else ran into this?

    I can get a screen shot of the error if that would help ya'll make sense of it all
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    12-13-09 04:10 PM
  2. Herbert m3's Avatar
    Just checking, but are you connected to the net when performing these updates?

    My DM would freeze at the application update search if I was not connected to the net. Once I figured out how to BT tether with my bbb, I then connected to the net, then ran my DM and I have not had a problem since.
    12-13-09 08:13 PM
  3. thelostartof's Avatar
    For sure I am on the net, I couldn't of posted this without it.

    I have been having tons of issues trying to get the USB drives to load properly for my bold on my new laptop so I was trying to update everything to see if that would fix the glitch as I want to tether my Bold again but I can not as it will not show up as a modem.

    I have gone as far as installing an older DM and the USB drivers and still nothing
    12-14-09 03:43 AM
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    You have to download and install the update before running DM if you want it to actually work. I ran into this wall too. If you want the new installed right also I would use BBSAK 1.7 cuz the DM made paperweights out of all my families bolds before I used BBSAK to do the update. I would downgrade the DM for now cuz that 5.0 DM BLOWS
    12-14-09 03:56 AM