1. bsucards's Avatar
    Wondering if there is a documentation from RIM on what a full backup entails. I know most people say it will backup messages, contacts, calendar and settings, but I am looking for some documentation.

    We have Exec VP who makes a lot of changes, and if something was to happen to his device he would expect us to put it back exactly like it was before whatever happened.

    Any documentation on RIM's site on what exactly the full backup does?
    09-23-10 07:31 AM
  2. Fubaz's Avatar
    I looked for a bit, and I couldnt find documentation, but for a detailed list of what is backed up, Install DM 5.0 and do an 'Advanced Back Up'

    It will look like the screen cap below. It will give you a full list of choices for what you want to back up or not.

    So for your picky boss you should understand it will back up all device ON BOARD memory and settings. it will NOT back up 3rd party apps.

    so contacts, calendars, OS settings, theme settings, icon placements and things of that nature.

    09-23-10 07:55 AM