1. recycleanimals's Avatar
    I want to add French language support to my 3G Curve but Desktop Manager keeps giving me an error when I try to add it from the Applications menu. I check the box next to French under Languages and then click Start and after a few seconds, it gives me this error:

    Validation failed because the module marked for add (net_rim_bb_messaging) failed the checksum

    I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the newest version of Desktop Manager (2.0.1) and rebooting my phone but it keeps giving me the error. I'm running software version on my Curve.

    I'd really like to have French on my phone so if anyone could help me figure this out I would really appreciate it. I have never tried to add applications to my phone before using DM so I have no prior experience with how successful it is.

    Thank you!
    06-04-11 06:37 PM
  2. littlemissmafia's Avatar
    bumping! I get the same problem too. Would be very helpful if someone could chime in because I see that this is a recurring problem that hasn't really been addressed on this forum.
    06-21-11 07:10 AM